Napalm Tank Bundle cart (Live Resin Cart & Palm Battery) – GREEN CHEESE

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Green Cheese is a strain of mysterious origins, thought by online sources to be a cross of the Netherlands staple Cheese and Green Crack.

Consumers report Green Cheese emits a pungently cheesy aroma with subtle notes of wood and earth. Green Cheese produces an acrid smoke with a tangy and earthy palette.

New Napalm Tank Battery & Live Resin Cartridge Bundle !

Military Green Colored Battery paired with new rubber tip for comfort designed with adjustable airflow for smoother hits.

Green Cheese is classified as a Hybrid cannabis strain. Green Cheese flavor profile is cheese, earthy, chemical, and the aroma can be sweet. It may help alleviate stress, depression, and headaches.

Napalm Tank Bundle cart

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napalm tank cart
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Napalm Tank Bundle cart

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