NAPALM Live Resin carts Liquid Diamonds, B52 510 Cartridge (1 gram)

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This stimulating hybrid is a cross between Banjo and Lemonchello. Known for its tangy, sweet aroma, this potent formula delivers euphoric, mood-enhancing head and body effects. B52 provides the boost you need to breakthrough the harshest days, melting away pain and stress. Once the initial impact settles, the body is left sedated but functional.

NAPALM Live Resin Carts B 52 was created by the breeder team at Nirvana Seeds to offer consumers a high-quality descendent of the Skunk family. True to its creators’ intent, B-52’s reported aromas include a skunky aroma mixed with earth and woodsy pine.

It is said to feature a harsh, sweetly dank smoke with every exhale.

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NAPALM B 52 Live Resin Liquid Diamonds


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