Chameleon Anodized weed Grinder


“Chameleon” Anodized Zinc 4-Piece 2.2″ Grinder

  • 4 Piece Grinder
  • Four-Piece Grinder
  • Grinder
  • Razor Sharp Teeth


If you are looking for a nice grinder to add to your collection you can go ahead with the Chameleon- Anodized Zinc 4 Piece Grinder. This grinder will give you the perfect consistency of grind every time with its razor-sharp teeth and look fantastic while doing its job with the anodized silver body. The iridescent effect from the finishing gives the illusion of the grinder changing colors in different light settings.

It is made entirely from a high-grade zinc alloy and has a 2.2” diameter, the ideal compact size for your on-the-go crushing needs.

This four-piece grinder features a top chamber where all the grinding happens. It is enclosed via a magnetic lid which keeps your stuff securely packed inside. Next, it sifts through a pollen screen and ends up in the bottom chamber. It comes along with a scraper tool. Grab this unique piece to add to your collection!




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